Get Your Vitamins Game On

29942059_lThere is a lot of debate about the usefulness and effectiveness of supplements. Some people will swear by it as the pull out their moving box full of bottles with different parts of the alphabet on it. Others scoff at the mention of them. That leaves many people somewhere in between wondering whether or not they are effective and if they should take them. The age old question of to do or not to do is not an easy question to answer.

Ask your doctor

Your doctor can tell you right away if any supplements will have an interaction with one of your prescribed medications. They can also tell you if the supplement would exacerbate one of your health conditions. For example, someone who has kidney stones can’t take calcium or vitamin D supplements because it increases the chances of forming another stone. Most doctors are will not hesitate to recommend supplements when they are needed.

See a homeopathic doctor

If you don’t have a doctor, or don’t want to see a traditional doctor, try a doctor of homeopathy. The belief that the body can heal it’s self with little outside help is becoming more popular in western culture even though it’s been around throughout history in eastern culture.

31098848_sHow can supplements help?

When your body is deficient in vitamins or minerals, there can be negative effects on the body ranging from annoying to fatal. Lack of the proper vitamins and minerals can happen in a few different ways. An improper diet is the most common reason for deficiency. In a day an age when everything is available, sometimes convenience foods can trump proper meal planning. Come health conditions can make it hard for the body to absorb or produce the proper vitamins. This usually cannot be fixed with lifestyle or diet changes, and requires that the missing vitamins are added artificially through supplements.

43397057_sHow can supplements be detrimental?

Some vitamins and minerals do not flush out of your body when you take too many like Vitamin C. They can build up more and more until it causes serious issues. Despite the common belief that a multivitamin can make up for bad dietary habits, it cannot and the choice to continue those bad habits can continue to be detrimental even with vitamins. Artificial versions of vitamins and minerals are not processed the same way in the body as the natural version which means that when taking them, there can be even more adverse effects.

Timing is everything

Your doctor can help you plan your doses with your prescribed medications. Since supplements can have interactions with some medications, it is important to follow your doctor or pharmacist’s recommendations. They can tell you how long you need to wait between some medications and supplements. Once you have your directions, it is important to follow them. Medications and supplements that lose their effectiveness because they are taken improperly can cause your condition to worsen. Make sure to use medication reminders to keep your doses on time. It’s for the sake of your body and your health.