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With the evolving technology that is constantly evolving and ever improving, even having apps on your phones is a thing of last year. In the last few years, smart watches have made a comeback after the first attempt in 1990’s which flopped so badly that most people never heard of it. Now there is the Apple Watch, FitBit, and Galaxy Gear, among the hundreds of others. With all the hype, are these smart watches really necessary, or is it all just an expensive “Techy” accessory?

1.      Discreet – You don’t have to fumble through your pockets trying to remember w27292178_mlhere you put it last because it’s on your wrist! So if you are out on a date or at an event and you want to keep up on the times, you can do so my just looking at your wrist and not have to pull out your phone. It’s also far more discreet if you are in a less than safe area and don’t want to draw attention to yourself.

2.      Navigation – Navigation is much more accessible being right on your wrist, so you have both of your hands open to actually doing the navigation.

3.      Easier to access notifications – Do you groan every time you hear a Ding on your phone because your phone is hard to get to, but the curiosity is just too much to ignore? A smart watch makes checking your notifications much easier with just the flick of a wrist and the tap of a finger.  Even medication reminders because it is important to remember those!

4.      Access to your music – What is better than being able to skip a song that you are not in the mood for with the tap of a finger without needing to pull your phone out of your pocket or purse.

5.      One touch to answer a call – Answering a call has never been easier. With the touch of a finger, you can answer a call and initiate the speaker phone, which is great if your hands are busy.

6.      Fitness tracking – It can be difficult to find space to keep your phone with you when you work out, but a watch is perfect to be your electronic fitness buddy. It can stay with you as you work out, plus keep track of things like your heart rate without you needing to interrupt your work out.

7.      Bounds of battery life – One of the most frustrating things that all smart phone users can agree on. Batteries never last long enough. Great news! Smart watches can last days, and you can still have easy access to notifications on your phone, without being tied to the charger. Simply leave your phone to charge and your smart watch will keep you in touch.

8.      Customization – you can customize the band, the apps, and the display to match your mood and style.

With all the great things that smart watches can already do, there will be much more to come. Just like phones became the easily accessible computer, smart watches are going to become easily accessible smart phones! MedsMinders is currently undergoing changes to that it will be accessible on smart watches like the FitBit Surge!

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In the spirit of cool new ideas for better and cheaper UC video conferencing and collaboration is a $150 device from Motrr. Motrr’s Galileo’ twist-out design easily converts from portrait to landscape orientation. Pan continuously on a horizontal axis in portrait mode, or take advantage of full 360º pan and tilt rotation in landscape mode.
– Interactive Video Calls – Use Galileo with FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts, or any video calling app to control and see in any direction at the other end of your call.
– Remote Surveillance – Use your old iPhone as a remote controlled security camera. View live streams or record.
– Stunning Panoramic Images – Galileo lets you automatically capture seamless 360º photos with one touch.
– Incredible Timelapse Videos – Create a truly cinematic experience using Galileo with your GoPro and iPhone. Capturesweeping pans and towering tilts that look like they came from a Hollywood studio.



– Multiple Live Streams – Galileo can act as a remote control camera man. View a live previews from multiple Galileos on your iPad and swipe to reposition.
– Hands-free Motion Tracking – Facial recognition and motion tracking Apps allow Galileo to follow the action as it moves around the room.



iPhone 6 connects to Bluetooth Galileo using the iPhone 5 insert in conjunction with the iPhone 6 mount. Full 360º horizontal panning rotation, 210º of vertical tilt rotation. For Bluetooth Galileo. Compatible with iOS 8 and above. Galileo does not charge iPhone while docked. It also supports GoPro and all the other iPhones though not iPad.

Use Galileo with BiEyes Xtra Security Camera App Features for iPhone and iPad. Xtra provides users with the ability to take and email pics every 10, 20 or 30 seconds. “This is a exciting new enhancement to the IQ Award Winning app BiEyes,” noted Tom Cross TECHtionary CEO. As you can see in the images below BiEyes already offers many practical and innovative features such as photobooth, BiPads for picture annotation, dual camera image blending along with 360 degree image development. BiEyes is free along with BiEyesPro at $1.99 and BiEyes Xtra at $2.99 provides great value for any iPhone/iPad user.



If you need to use with an iPad, here is another video conferencing and collaboration one for $499 — you can even put it in your backpack or purse. Kubi lets caregivers easily look around remotely with 300 degrees of pan and 90 degrees of tilt to see and interact with patients, nurses, and family members, through remote robotic control during a video call.


The motion of Kubi combined with high quality video provides increased telepresence, meaning greater connection on calls. Kubi is controlled by intuitive apps that run on Apple, Android and Microsoft tablets. Kubi comes with a removable base for using on tabletops and is designed with a universal camera mount to easily attach to carts and arms. Kubi integrates with other digital services through open APIs, video apps like Vidyo, Zoom, Webex, connected telehealth peripherals, EMR systems, providing a complete, customizable telehealth solution.