Are Anti-Depressants Depressing You

28450056_sSince anti-depressants can be used for multiple reasons including as anti-anxiety, this article will discuss both anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. Many anti-depressant medications have different effects on people which might be why one person takes a medication for depression while someone else takes that exact medication for a beta-blocker. It is all about finding the right medication for you.

They take time to work

Medications for depression can sometimes take up to 12 weeks to begin to see the full effect. Not only that, but there may need to be some adjustments to the dosage to get the right treatment. It is vitally important to report any changes in mood to your doctor because it can be a sign of an adverse reaction. In some uncommon cases, taking the wrong medication can cause or increase suicidal thoughts.

Side effects

Just as with many prescribed medications, there can be some side effects. If you are experiencing side effects that are too overwhelming or annoying to handle, do not just stop taking the medication. Many anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications require weaning off of. To suddenly stop taking a medication that has such a reaction as changing your mood can have extreme negative effects when quitting cold turkey. Report side effects to your doctor, in many cases there are other medications that can be prescribed to help with your depression or anxiety. Again, if you experience an increase in suicidal thoughts, you might need your dose changed or medication switched.

girl-at-gym-rwzrAre these medications for life?

It depends on your unique situation really. In the case of post-partum depression, the medication might only be needed on a short term basis. If you normally have a mild depression that is easily managed without medication, but recently went through a life changing event, the medication could be short term or long term. It is best discussed with your doctor. If you have been taking the medication for some time and feel like you don’t need it anymore because you feel great, talk to your doctor first. You are feeling great because your medication is working and unless the original reason for seeking the medication is resolved (for situations that call for short term prescriptions) then deciding to stop your medication can put you right where you were before you started taking it.

The importance of taking them routinely

These kinds of mood stabilizers require a very specific level of the medication to stay in your body at all times. This means following the directions from your doctor to make sure you are taking the right amount at just the right time. These are not the kinds of medications you can take as you feel they are needed. The exception to this is for some anti-anxiety medications. Many times your doctor will prescribe a maintenance amount to take regularly, but will also give you an as needed dose to take if you are experiencing an anxiety attack or stressful situation. It is vitally important to find some kind of medication reminder system to keep yourself on track with this kind of medication. Whether that is an alarm on your phone, an app designed to give medication reminds, or to set the bottle next to your sink.

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