Apple ResearchKit – Healthkit

apple-carekitApple ResearchKit is an open source framework introduced by Apple that allows researchers and developers to create powerful apps for medical research. Easily create visual consent flows, real-time dynamic active tasks, and surveys using a variety of customizable modules that you can build upon and share with the community. And since ResearchKit works seamlessly with HealthKit, researchers can access even more relevant data for their studies — like daily step counts, calorie use, and heart rate.

A task in ResearchKit contains a set of steps to present to a user. Everything, whether the visual consent flow, surveys, or active tasks, is represented as a task that can be presented with a task view controller.

  • Build surveys for modal presentation on an iOS device.
  • Use customizable visual consent templates to explain the details of your study and obtain a signature from the participant. Be sure to get your visual consent flow approved by your institutional review board (IRB) or ethics committee.
  • Use active tasks to invite users to perform activities under semi-controlled conditions, using iPhone sensors to collect data.

apple-researchkit1Here’s an example of results – Significantly, our data shows that Asthma Health users respond to the same types of encouragement as users of other apps. In the chart below, we see the number of user sessions per day, with especially high activity on Mondays. Each weekly high point of user engagement (every Monday, as noted in the chart) corresponds to an automated reminder we pushed to users. The spikes in app usage are consistent with the type of behavior we see in mobile apps more broadly: users respond dramatically to regular reminders.


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