Serious ADHD and Adderall

41501434_sAdderall has been in the new a lot in the past few years. As a in demand street drug, it is also in demand legally. For a medication that isn’t prescribed for pain, it sure is having an addictive effect for many people. It’s common knowledge that Adderall is often prescribed for ADHD, but there are many misconceptions about what ADHD is. Here are some myth breaking facts about ADHD and Adderall.

ADHD is a real medical condition, not a lack of discipline. The common symptoms are impulsivity, hyperactivity, and inattention. There are many more symptoms, check them out here. Depending on your age, the symptoms can vary as well. Children’s symptoms present very differently than teenagers and adults.

The disorder has been around a lot longer than you might think, so it is not a new age disease made up to excuse the poor behavior of children. The first time the symptoms were recorded as a condition was in 1902 by a British Pediatrician. They even started treating the symptoms before there was a name for the disorder. It wasn’t until 1968 that a name was given to the disorder – Hyperkinetic Impulse Disorder. See more about the history of ADHD here.

Adderall does not make you smarter; it only helps you focus which can get better testing results. This is one of the reasons that so many people abuse the medication. Someone who it not diagnosed with ADHD, will be able to focus better, but it can also be harmful for them to take, as well as illegal. Addiction is likely for people who do not medically need it but take it habitually. Here is more information on Adderall addiction.

12451318_sTaking Adderall for other conditions can be harmful. Unless a medical doctor prescribes Adderall, you shouldn’t take it. Some of the common reasons that people fake symptoms to get a prescription or buy it illegally are: to lose weight, as a study drug, to get high, increase energy, and more. The drug itself can be addicting, but the reason someone is taking it recreationally is even more addicting.

Since it’s a prescribed medication, taking it doesn’t have to be just as it was prescribed. Even for people who are prescribed Adderall for medical reasons, it is very important to take it as directed. A resistance can easily be built up to the medication, so taking it to frequently or an increased dose can increase the risk of addiction or resistance. It is important to keep track of when it is taken and the dosage. Using an app like MedsMinders can help you keep track of that and more. 

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