Addiction Kills More Than Traffic Accidents

Addiction is like any other disease – it doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care what color you are, whether you’re a guy or a girl, rich or poor, whether you live in the inner-city, a suburb, or rural America. This doesn’t just happen to other people’s kids or in some other neighborhood. It can happen to any of us.

Award-winning Hip Hop Artist Macklemore

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Every day we lose more Americans to this devastating disease. And every day that passes without Congressional action on funding to support the treatment needs of those suffering from opioid use disorders is a missed opportunity to save lives.

Drug overdoses now take more lives every year than traffic accidents

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Millions of Americans are in recovery from opioid and other substance use disorders because they got the treatment and care they needed. That’s why the President continue to call on Congress to provide the resources to ensure that every American who wants treatment can get it and start the road to recovery.

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