Smarter Ways To Weightloss

43786148_sLosing weight is the proverbial trend. How much of it is fact or fiction? With fat shaming to plus sized models, what is the truth behind all this need to lose weight propaganda? Hopefully soon the trend will be about getting healthy, not getting to a specific size. It is true that everyone has different body types and that genes do play a part, but lifestyle and food choices also play a huge part in our health and weight. Let’s take a moment to talk about some weight loss facts. Using MedsMinders helps guide you and track your progress and success.

Body Mass Index (BMI) – has been pushed at us, even though it has been proven to be inaccurate on an individual level. A top athlete usually will be measured as overweight or obese, but clearly are not. Don’t take your BMI too seriously if you feel that it doesn’t represent you.

Inches around the waist – is probably one of the more accurate ways to measure health. When there is extra weight around your waist, it is more harmful to your health because of all the vital organs it can weigh on. The best way to lose weight around the middle is to do whole body exercises. Spot training isn’t that effective when it comes to losing weight. Spot training your waist will tone up the muscles and help your posture, but it will not help remove pounds. Extra belly fat has been linked to high cholesterol, heart disease, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, and even high blood pressure.

35413848_sLose weight gradually – Weight loss should average about 2 pounds a week; anything more than that will likely be a temporary loss. Losing too much weight too fast can be a sign of an eating disorder, heath condition, or malnutrition. Random fact: 1 pound of fat holds 3,500 calories, so to lose 1 pound of fat, you would need to burn 3,500 calories on top of your eating habits for the day. The most effective weight loss programs will combine exercising and dieting.  Track your progress or lack of it everyday via MedsMinders and if gain then work to regain the loss before tacking on the larger goal.

Burning more than you consume – Using exercise to burn lots of calories while dieting can keep you from consuming too many, is the most effective way to lose real fat. Trending diets can be harmful to your health and can shock your body into hoarding calories.

Water time – One of the most effective ways to cut calories is to only drink water. Artificial sweeteners can drop the calories, but they can also cause you to gain weight anyway. Another way that water helps, is that if you are feeling slightly dehydrated, your body might have hunger cravings. If you have a hard time remembering to drink water, setting a reminder on your smartphone can help remind you to drink more. It can help stop those snack cravings which in turn can also help you cut some calories.

31098848_sGet up and walk – Walking or even a standing desk is one of the best exercises possible. It is recommended for people with many health conditions including back injuries. The only equipment you need are comfortable shoes and space. Set a reminder on your smartphone via MedsMinders to remind you to take a quick walk around the office or break room. When you are at home, set a reminder to take a walk with or without others. It can be a great bonding exercise as well as physical.