Caregiver Compliance

demo_weekly@version5Caregivers have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to taking care of their patients. Anyone who has tried to care for someone knows that one of the most difficult things to keep track of is medications. There is a barrage of impossible to pronounce medication names, obscure times to take specific medications, and hard to remember instructions. This complication become impossible when dementia becomes involved making it almost impossible to keep track of things. Better patient care starts with a strict medication regime adherence. Here are some aspects of taking medications that is important for caregivers:

What to take and when: Especially when there are multiple medications, it is hard to keep track of which medications have to be taken together and separately. Add to that that some medications have to be with food while others have to be taken on an empty stomach, and it feels like you need your own personal doctor following you around to remind you to take your medications.

Special instructions: Some medications cannot be taken with food, without food, specific medications, and even some supplements. You would practically need to carry an excel sheet around with you 24/7 to keep track. Using an app that lets you add all the special instructions right there, makes adhering some much easier.

demo_weekly_PILLSTime for a refill: Trying to keep track of all the bottles and then remember where they are when it is time to order a refill is a monumental task. Want to know what is infinitely more convenient? Having the Rx#, name/number of the pharmacy, and everything else that is needed to reorder medication right in front of you just a finger swipe away, instead of trying to dig through bottles and bottles of who knows what. It is also convenient to have handy when going to doctor visits, because all the information is right there already!

Which pill is which: When it comes to trying to identify which pills are what in the pill box, it can be frustrating. Medication reminder apps make it much simpler because you can take a photo of the pill and add it to the medication profile. Then if you need to identify the pill, you won’t have to traverse the confusing descriptions of pills on the internet.

Consistency: One of the most important parts of a medication regime, is remembering what to take and when. When medications are taken inconsistently or incorrectly, it can render them useless, or sometimes fatal. Overdose is a real possibility with certain classes of medication.

As a caregiver, you are held responsible for making sure that medications are taken on time, correctly, and safely; even more so when trying to coordinate with multiple caregivers or family members. It doesn’t hurt to use medication reminders to also remind you of when to do physical therapy exercises, snacks, fluids, or anything else that is an issue for your patient to remember. MedsMinders is an app that can help you with everything above and more!