Ideas for Better Minding Your Meds

IMG_5827Do you get tired of needing to download a new app for everything? Have you forgotten to bring that egg dish back to your coworker from the potluck last week? With those reminders that you get with MedsMinders, why not add a few for those everyday things that you have trouble remembering? Using the same app will keep some space open on your smart phone, so you can use it to download that popular new farming game. There are a lot of everyday tasks that could use a reminder so you don’t forget.

Stay in contact – Sometimes staying in contact with loved ones or coworkers can be hard. Instead of feeling like staying in touch is difficult, set a reminder on your phone to remind you to call your sister every week or two. Not only do you feel proud of yourself, but everyone will think that it comes naturally!

Never forget an appointment – Set up a reminder in your phone as soon as you schedule it and never worry about being late or forgetting again. It will help you build rapport with your doctor’s office and prevent you from having to pay fines too.

Own those lunch dates – Showing up late or even forgetting a lunch date can be mortifying. Look like a person who is on top of everything by showing up early every time by adding a simple reminder. It only takes a few seconds to add the reminder and you can even list details like the address, names of people invited, and if you really want to look good, you can also note an appetizer to order while waiting for everyone else to show up.

Pay your bills – Autopay is a great feature, but not every bill you have to pay has that options. Other times, it’s better to be able to pay a bill on demand. With a reminder set on your phone, you will never forget to pay a bill again. You can even add relevant phone numbers, account numbers, and more.

Keep up with the little things – Sometimes trying to remember the less important things can be the most frustrating. Set a reminder to tell you to follow up with someone about an interrupted conversation from last week. Never forget to return someone else’s belongings that you borrowed. Most commonly promises are broken because time got away and it was simply forgotten, but a reminder on your constant pocket companion can keep you on track.

Here are a few more ways you can use MedsMinders:

·        Conference calls

·        Payday reminders

·        Shopping reminder and list

·        Exercise

·        Snack or water

·        Random acts of kindness

·        After school activities

·        Trying to form a new habit